Monday, October 20, 2008

Not much to say

Don't really have much, just felt i'd put a little blurb in here. Here's my stats currently

Weight: 217lbs
BMI: 30.7
Body Fat: 30.3.

Not really losing as fast as i would like to, but again, this is only the beginning of week 4 and there's another 12 weeks. If i don't have a complete six pack abs by the end of week 16. I'm hoping that i can achieve it with the 8 week fat loss routine. Main goal is to look good in july. That gives me 37 more weeks. That means after the initial 16 weeks, i'll have 25 more weeks to fine tune things.

Check in at the end of this week for End of Week 4 picture results. The next picture results will be at the end of Week 8 and so forth.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back from the Dead

Went through some very hard trying times personally and financially and ultimately derailing all the work i put out and am back to square one. This time i'm taking things seriously and have a different approach. I started back on my diet and excerise regime. Here are my stats from when i started on Sept. 8th:



Body Fat:34%

Present (4 Weeks Later)



Body Fat: 31.4%

Here are comparison before and after pics.


I no longer have the belly protruding over the front. So now i'm even more focused now that i'm seeing results.
Until we meet again. Hopefully next Monday i'll have a better result picture for you guys.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

So long without an update :o


So i hit a stumbling block that i need to find a way to get around. That is called the weekends. Man oh man, i'm never home majority of the weekends so all i have around me is fast food. Sometimes i go a while without eating until i get home just because i dont want to go out and eat fast food. Other then that. For some strange reason i'm BACK up to 235. I went to see our Nurse Practicioner on site and had her measure my FAT and BMI. Let me tell you, i'm a tub of lard. My Fat came in at 27.8 and BMI was 32.8 or something along those lines. I was talking to a buddy of mine and he mentioned how i should add more protein to my diet, which has been dropping off alot.

Also i noticed that my appettite isn't like it use to be. I use to be hungry all the time, now my coworker has to remind me that it's lunch time. If she doesn't i'll go all day without eating lunch. Bad, I know, but i can't seem to shake why i'm not hungry as much as i use to be.

Well, even though i picked up more weight, i'm gonna modify my diet a little and see what happens. I'm also going to see the nurse next month and see if anything happens. If nothing happens then we'll change what i'm doing and see if we can get something going. We'll keep tweaking and tweaking until everything is right.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

231 and dropping....

That's right folks...231 and dropping. 2 weeks later and i'm down 5 pounds. I wish there was more but who cares.

I'm now starting to work out during my lunch breaks because i don't have to worry about being all ultra tired when i get off of work and having to head to the gym. I'm also going to deviate from Arnels plan a bit and instead of doing the Interval cardio 3 times a week, i'm gonna crank it up to 5 times. That way i can keep myself motivated and starting seeing bigger increase hopefully.

I hope everyone is doing good in there endeavors. 2 weeks down 14 weeks to go. Hopefully we'll all have great results when we meet at the finish line.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Still here

Hey guys and gals and whoever might be reading this. Sorry for not updating on monday. I was away in New York to see Hairspray the musical and was no where near my PC.

So far i've been really monitoring what i've been eating. I'm now down to 233 which is good. 33 more pounds to go. I missed my workout on thu, fri, mon, and tue, but i'll be right back in the kick of things tomorrow. I went out today and bought a metal DDR pad to use for some light cardio work when i'm at home. I actually truely believe that i can start using this along with my interval training to help kickstart things. I just have to wait for my PS2 to PS3 adapter to come in the mail. Hopefully it'll be here Friday so that i can then start back on my DDR excercise as well.

Well hopefully i can get some pics for yall next week to see if there's any physical changes (probably not) but i'm still motivated to shave off alot of that back, stomach and chest fat and hopefully by the end of the year, have a six pack

Well...see you guys next week.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Day 1 of the Saga


My first blog, my first post, a fresh beginning. First things first, i'd like to give a shout out to all my homies over on HAN, especailly Chris and Bert, cus without yall, this wouldn't be possible. I'd also like to give a shout out to my girl Jasmine, I love you baby and i'll see you when i get home. I'd also like to give a shout out to all the nay sayers and haters; I welcome yalls criticism and will appreciate more of it.

Now onto what this is about. In July of this year, i'll be on a plane heading to Cancun, Mexico. Now we all know that theres messican chicks and a whole lot of biddies that be there. So a brother can't be looking all flabby and sloppy on the beach next to my baby. So i set forth to lose some fat in the back and around the mid section. As well as get rid of my breasts. So i tried several methods and no results. So my homie Bert told me i should try circuit training. So i set out looking for something but to no avail. Then he mentioned to me this place I checked it out and i liked how i could do most of this workout in my home and it would cost me less then $100 to start.

So this is basically in a nut shell what this blog is about, it's just to track my progress for the next 16 weeks or up until the trip, and should i see great results then well dammit guess what, i'll keep going.

So here's the initial stats.

Location (Country/State) : USA/Pennsylvania
Age: 24
Height: 5'11
Weight: 236
Body Fat Percentage (if possible) Alot

Hopefully week by week i'll post pics and updates to keep whoever cares up to date and well informed about my endeavors.


Oh yea, here are some pics i took today 1/7/2008. Ignore the legs, yes i know there's some ash. A brother forgot to put some lotion on before i took the pic and i'm too lazy to retake them :p